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September 10, 2007


Louis McAndrew

You mentioned in your blog that you were a Nazarene minister. How can you expouse this type of theology. You have moved a long way from the roots of the founders of the Nazarene Holiness Movement. Karl Barth is not one that you or any proclaimed holiness minister ought to follow. The inerrancy of the Bible and his view on that alone would cause me to question his position on many other topics. When you question the inerrancy of the Word of God, then your view of any theological issue will be twisted. My prayer is that you, a so called holiness minister will see the light and follow after the founders of your denomination. Then, even your view of Jim Wallis will change. You cannot support the tenets of his theology and follow after God. You are on very shaky ground! Peace my friend.


Thanks for your comments Louis. As a third generation minister from the holiness tradition, I know it well. Are you a Nazarene? If not, I would encourage you to read up on the Nazarene history. Nazarene's are not fundamentalist. They never have been In fact, our statement on inspiration of scripture says, "(scripture) contain all truth necessary to faith and Christian living." We do not believe that scripture is inerrant. Paul Bassett, one of the Nazarene churches greatest and most respected theologians says, "Wesleyanism has been trapped into "allowing its emotional ties with the aims of Fundamentalism to saddle it with a Fundamentalist doctrine of the Scripture that is quite out of place in Wesleyanism."

Furthermore, Karl Barth is a gift to the Church. I would encourage you to begin by reading Word of God and Word of Man. Few theologians take scripture more seriously.

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